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Dowd's Export Stout.webp
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Street Preacher APA.webp
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Painted Preacher APA.webp
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Hey Zeus Belgian Pale Ale.webp
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Comes in Threes Triple Dry Hopped.webp
Comrade Neighbor.webp
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3rd Circle Chocolate Stout.webp
Two and Two Belgian Quad.webp
Descendant Belgian Dubble.webp
Amarillo Apparition.webp
Galaxy DDH.webp

Sneaking Deacon Zwickel (ABV 5.2%)

This smooth, refreshing unfiltered German style lager is made with all German Malts, Hallertau Mittlefruh and Saphir hops.

Dowd's Stout (ABV 6.0%)

Dark roasted grains dominate this export style stout with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate​

Bienna (ABV 4.4%)

An easy drinking Mexican-style Vienna Lager with rich toasted malt flavors.​

Testament Tripel (ABV 9.0%)

This deceptively smooth Belgian-Style Tripel has a light, clean malt character balanced by fruity, spicy flavors from Belgian yeast.

Holy Rolled Oat IPA (ABV 6.9%)

This IPA is brewed with oats for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel balanced by copious amounts of Mosaic and Hull Melon hops. 2017 INDIANA BREWER'S CUP GOLD MEDAL WINNER.

Popemeal Oat Stout (ABV 5.9%)

A full-bodied stout brewed with roasted and caramel malts as well as oats for a rich and creamy mouthfeel. Bronze Medal - 2016 Indiana Brewer's Cup

St. Nick's Baltic Porter (ABV 7.3%)

Rich and complex, this Baltic Porter has flavors of coffee, chocolate and caramel, with hints of dark fruit.

Prophecy Porter (ABV 5.0%)

This well-balanced dark ale has a slightly roasted malt character with flavors of chocolate, coffee, and tasted caramel.


St. Juicifer NEIPA (ABV 6.8%)

A New England Style IPA filled with juicy tropical fruit notes from multiple additions of Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops.

Dowd's Export Stout (ABV 6.0%)

Dark roasted grains dominate this export style stout with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate.

Kangaroo Fist Fight Double NEIPA (ABV 7.6%)

Featuring Australian Galaxy hops, this Double NEIPA was made with massive punch of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops. Recognizing the Australian origin of the Galaxy hops, 10% of Saint Joseph Brewery’s sales of this beer will be donated to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to support their efforts to protect wildlife following the massive brush fires in Australia.

Domine Dunkel Weiss (ABV 5.0%)

A dark German-style wheat beer featuring rich, bready malts with yeast characteristics of banana and clove.

Absolution Amber Ale (ABV 6.2%)

This medium-bodied ale has a rich, caramel malt flavor balanced by the fruity. citrus character of Cascade hops.

Left Behind Belgian Session Brown (ABV 4.6%)

Easy drinking and full of spicy, toasted malt flavor, this Belgian brown ale was made with premium dark malts, wheat, and Belgian yeast.

Why Sin Bock (ABV 7.9%)

This strong German-style wheat (Weizenbock) beer features banana and clove yeast characteristics with a rich, bready, toasted malt backbone.

Seraphim Sour Ale (ABV 6.4%)

A crisp, refreshingly tart farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with Big Lug Canteen’s Head Brewer Scott Ellis. This beer uses a unique blend of Lactobacillus for the souring process, as well as Saison Yeast for primary fermentation.

Altared Brown Ale (ABV 5.8%)

A dose of Simcoe hops and a toasty, chocolate malt character provides the perfect balance for this American Brown.

Mystic Rose Red Ale (ABV 5.1%)

This Red ale balances toasty, nutty malt character with a slight hoppy bite for excellent drinkability.

Noble Preacher APA (ABV 5.4%)

A blend of two unique hops in this American Pale Ale imparts characteristics of strawberry, tangerine and melon

88 Keys APA (ABV 5.5%)

This American Pale Ale was brewed with classic American Cascade and Centennial hops, along with the addition of the German experimental Mandarina variety to round out its fruity, citrus hop character. These hops are balanced by the smoothness of UK Golden Promise malt.

Christmas Carol Copper (ABV 5.2%)

Brewed specifically for the Indiana Repertory Theatre. This English Bitter is made with the finest English malt, hops, and yeast. A highly drinkable ale with a toasty malt character balanced by a dose of English hops.

Nun Bigger Belgian Imperial Stout (ABV 8.8%)

Dark and roasty, this ale was fermented with Belgian yeast providing spicy, fruity esters for a complex, flavorful stout.

Summer Session Rye, ABV 4.8%

This refreshing ale is made with rye malt and centennial hops. At 4.8% it is the perfect beer for a hot summer day.

Bohlen's Brown Ale (ABV 6.2%)

Slightly sweet, malt forward brown ale.

Crushin' Pils (ABV 5.2%)

Brewed in collaboration with Sun King Brewery, this Pilsner was made with German malts and hops; and Indiana malt from Sugar Creek. Light, crisp, and refreshing.

Street Preacher APA (ABV 6.1%)

A unique blend of five American and German hops make this American Pale Ale full of fruity, citrusy, hoppy goodness.

All Saints Golden Wheat (ABV 5.5%)

A crisp, refreshing wheat ale brewed with a blend of Cascade, Centennial, and Hull Melon Hops

Painted Preacher APA (ABV 5.7%)

This American Pale Ale is brewed with Golden Promise Malt and a blend of American hops.

Farmhouse Preacher (ABV 6.5%)

A juicy pale ale brewed with Saison yeast, Golden Promise malt, and a blend of Simcoe, Centennial and Mosaic hops.

Kellergeist (ABV 5.8%)

This easy drinking American Pale is brewed with a simple malt profile and features Grüngeist hops from Germany.

Sintennial Session IPA (ABV 4.9%)

This thirst quenching session IPA is brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops, a hint of rye, and dry hopped with more Centennial.

Golden Maris Ale (ABV 5.0%)

This Golden ale is made with high quality English and honey malt balanced with touch of hops for superior summer refreshment.

King James Brown (English) Ale (ABV 4.7%)

Smooth and highly drinkable, this English style brown ale is dominated by flavors of caramel and chocolate.

King James Vanilla Brown (English) Ale (ABV 4.7%)

English Brown Ale infused with fair trade organic vanilla from Madagascar.

Ekuanot DDH (Double Dry Hopped) Confessional IPA (ABV 6.3%)

Confessional IPA with an extra dose of dry hop with Cryo Ekuanot.

Wheat Your Maker APA (ABV 6.0%)

This smooth, hoppy American pale is made with a touch of wheat and a blend of Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

Mosaic DDH (Double Dry Hopped) Confessional IPA (ABV 6.2%)

This is our popular Confessional IPA that received an additional dose of dry hops with Cryo Mosaic.

Half Note Haze (ABV 5.7%)

In support of the Indianapolis based American Pianist Association and its soon to be awarded Cole-Porter Fellowship, we created a hazy pale ale made with heafty additions of Mosaic and Simcoe hops and double dry hopped with Cryo Mosaic and Simcoe. To find out more about the 2019 APA Jazz Awards and purchase tickets to the finals, visit

Hazy Confessions (ABV 6.5%)

Inspired by our popular Confessional IPA, this hazy IPA is brewed with Cryo Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina hops and double dry hopped with another dose of Cryo Citra.

Pew Buster Double IPA (ABV 9.0%)

This Double India Pale Ale is brewed with massive additions of Simcoe and Centennial Hops for an intense fruity, citrus hop profile.

64-Bit Wit (ABV 5.1%)

This Belgian-style witbier is a light and refreshing wheat ale brewed with coriander, lemon peel and orange peel.

Kirche Hefeweizen (ABV 5.2%)

A light and refreshing wheat ale brewed with a German yeast strain that produces attributes of banana and clove. 2017 INDIANA BREWER'S CUP BRONZE MEDAL WINNER.

Sanctuary Saison (ABV 5.9%)

The spicy yeast character of this farmhouse ale combines with citrus flavor from a blend of American hops. Indiana Brewer’s Cup Bronze Medal (‘16)

Dark Angel Black Lager (ABV 4.8%)

A smooth, dark lager with hints of roasted malt and German Tettnang hops.

Bohlen's Java Brown Ale (ABV 6.0%)

A malt forward brown ale infused with coffee from Tinker Coffee Company (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Hey Zeus Belgian Pale Ale (ABV 5.7%)

A citrusy, spicy pale brewed with Belgian yeast and a blend of Cascade, Mosaic, and Mandarina hops.

Saint Joeberfest (ABV 5.2%)

This Oktoberfest beer has a rich, complex malt profile with a clean lager finish providing superior drinkability.

Comes in Threes Triple Dry Hopped IPA

Brewed with Golden Promise malt, Mosaic and Mandarina, hops, this unfiltered IPA was triple dry hopped with Mosaic, Mandarina, and Cryo Citra.

Comrade Neighbor (ABV 8.5%)

This Russian imperial stout was brewed with premium malts, dark brown sugar, and centennial hops creating a collusion of flavors sure to please the boldest of palates.

3-1-Session IPA (ABV 5.8%)

Easy drinking and full of hop flavor, this session IPA was made with a blend of five different American and German hops.

3rd Circle Chocolate Stout (ABV 5.4%)

Brewed with chocolate malt and cocoa, this stout has hints of roast, caramel and a rich chocolate character.

Two and Two Belgian Quad (ABV 10.2%)

This Belgian - style Dark Strong Ale is full-bodied with rich, complex malt character balanced by fruity esters from Belgian yeast.

Descendant Belgian Dubbel (ABV 6.9%)

A Belgian Ale with a rich, complex malt character blended with the fruity esters of Belgian yeast.

Amarillo Apparition (ABV 6.6%)

Brewed with Amarillo and Simcoe hops, and double dry hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Galaxy.

Galaxy DDH Confessional IPA (ABV 6.3%)

Confessional IPA with an extra dry hop addition of Galaxy hops.

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